Human Male, 26, Well Traveled


Health: 10
STR: 10
AGI: 12
INT: 10

Defense: 13
Healing Rate: 2
Power: 0
Perception: 10
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 0

Academic – Medicine


Seamus received a generous inheritance relatively early in life after his parents’ untimely death at the hands of bandits while returning from a charity gala. He was saved due to the intervention of two members of the cult of the New God.

Rather than being placed in a normal orphanage, he was raised in a seminary of a small nearby town run by the cult of the New God, where he became an official member himself in his early teens. He was educated through his early 20s in the teachings under the notion that he would eventually become a priest of the New God. However, after he showed aptitude for medicine while helping to stabilize a man who had fallen from a startled horse, he was sent back to his home city to study at the college, an institution also founded and run by the cult.

He grew close to one of his teachers. She had a motherly disposition in addition to being a great number of years old; old enough to actually showing signs of her age despite being an elf. He didn’t know why she had taken a shine to him. Maybe it was because he was an orphan, maybe it was because of something she saw in his striking eyes, or maybe she just liked the company of a handsome young man, but he was grateful to her regardless. In addition to teaching him medicine and philosophy, she also taught him to speak elvish.

Her passing soon after his graduation prompted him to leave the city. He donated a significant portion of his money to the cult and the college, and left to spread the teachings of the New God and seek his own fortune.

Still being a young man, he squandered his money to travel in the sort of comfort he was used to. His finery still showed him as being born into a wealthy family, but his money was nearly gone in just a few years after leaving home.

He was on his way to Coldport when his driver demanded payment for the day and for the next. He did not have enough to also cover the next day, and despite his promise to pay him soon after arriving at the intended destination, the driver left him at a little tavern in the middle of the woods…


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