A Land In Shadow

The fate of the universe will be decided on Urth, a small planet swinging around a relatively young star in a remote corner of the galaxy. The Shadow of the Demon Lord falls over many worlds, but Urth has most recently drawn its fell attention. Here, reality’s boundaries have weakened enough to permit the darkness of the Void to escape and set in motion a series of disasters that, unless stopped, will culminate in the end of all things.

The greatest and mightiest civilization to appear in these lands now teeters on the brink of collapse. The emperor lies dead, strangled by the Orc King, who claimed the Alabaster Throne for himself and the legions of freed slaves that look to him for leadership. The uprising in the capital has sent shockwaves through the rest of the Empire. Orcs have risen against their masters as word spreads, and vengeful mobs rampage across the countryside, burning, looting, and killing wherever they go.

The Empire’s instability invites savage humanoids to run amok through the crumbling landscape. Beastmen spill out from the old forests and broken lands, while trolls and giants resume their age-old wars against the faerie. Worst of all, cultists devoted to the Demon Lord have grown bolder and even now work to hasten the arrival of their unspeakable master.

Refugees flee to the cities, hunkering down behind the walls and living in squalid, overcrowded conditions in the hopes that somehow they will escape the doom that casts its shadow across the lands. Order crumbles in the face of the upheaval. City leaders hide in their homes and nobles seal o their castles, deaf to the cries of the people beyond their doors. These are dark times, and many believe they signal the first days of humanity’s last age.